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Design is
giving a damn.

Focused, pragmatic solutions through humanity-centered service + software design

Recent industries + mediums

Much of my work has been client-confidential, but here’s an idea of the types of verticals and systems I’ve designed for. Holler at me for more detailed stories, case studies, and videos.


Enterprise work

1 product case study // 1 service offering workshop // 1 future vision point-of-view

Unifying disparate systems to create a faster, more connected, more proactive resolution experience

Co-designing a set of enterprise offerings around autonomous vehicle data for major automotive companies

Connecting data to draft the near-future of automotive support experiences


Independent work

1 web app // 1 web app case study // 1 iOS app case study

Independent mobile web app that highlights businesses based on your values
[ In Development ]

Encouraging voter turnout and shorter polling lines by shifting initiative forward in time

Independent iOS app for surprise destinations based on your mood



…or is it “Yanny”?

Austin Design Week 2019 workshop facilitator — “Roads are for People: Designing Austin Trips with Less Car and More Happiness”

Austin Design Week 2019 volunteer — Sustainability Lead

Austin Fast Start pitch competition finalist — “Saddle” multimodal application (pitch video)

Fjord Equinox 2019 speaker — “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: Empowering Values-Based Consumerism” / Buoy web app

Austin Design Week 2018 speaker — “Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is: Empowering Values-Based Consumerism” / Buoy web app

Fjord Design Voices article — “Wrangling chaos, leaning into tension: SXSW learnings and how they reflect Fjord Trends 2018”

SXSW 2018 Place By Design alternate & attendee — Blindfold app

Fjord Equinox 2017 speaker — “Uncurated: The Side Effects of Personalization”

Startup: Drive hackathon runner-up — Blindfold app


Written work

Thoughts on design, behavior, technology, and inevitably Star Wars.

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Like the work?

I'm always interested in creative and impactful design challenges, especially in active/mass transportation or environmental sustainability. (No technology required—service design can go a long way.)

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