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Texas voting flyers

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I recently became a Volunteer Deputy Registrar for county elections. In the rush to handle as many registrations as possible, accurately, it can be tough to help inform people about what to do once they’re registered. Below are a few pages to help.

01 Scannable info links

Now that the native iOS Camera app and Google Lens apps read QR codes out-of-the-box, I’m giving the format a shot at making these in-person sessions faster and easier for registrars and applicants.

Here’s a first pass at a quickly scannable cheat sheet for Travis County voters:

Download a  PDF version here

Download a PDF version here

Please save this image someplace, and write yourself a reminder to vote early starting Oct 22, 2018!

02 Registrar booth flyers

Based on a couple of busy days, I created a few flyers registrars can print out and hang at booths to convey the most important information. They’re designed to be quickly legible, appear official (rather than the playful nature of other flyers I’ve seen), and actionable— one question answered at a time.

View, print, or duplicate the flyers in  this Google Docs folder .

View, print, or duplicate the flyers in this Google Docs folder.

The great news for other registrars: They’re simple Google Docs! Feel free to copy and make your own flyers as needed.

 Contact me if you have any thoughts, improvement ideas, or feedback for these tools. 🇺🇸

Robert Boler