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The realistic optimism of Project Drawdown

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There is a rare and encouraging pairing of realism and optimism in the Project Drawdown team that I really appreciate. 

These scientists crunched the cold hard math on how to take on the gargantuan task of counteracting global warming, but that’s only half the work. The other half was choosing accurate and empowering language to get people onboard. Communication is part of everyone’s job.

  • They aren’t waiting on electric self-driving cars, they’re telling us to waste less food now. 

  • They aren’t “fighting climate change”, they’re “drawing greenhouse gases back down to safe levels”. is a great starting point to learn how you (as an individual, but also as an organization) can apply their work to your own. 

This Drawdown Agenda podcast episode (while a bit dry—they’re scientists, ya know) is one I found particularly calm and encouraging.

Robert Boler