Robert Boler
service + software designer

Blindfold - Surprise destinations based on your mood - iOS App

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Surprise Destinations,
Based on Your Mood

1. Choose your mood.

2. Follow the directions.

3. Break out of your bubble.


 What's all this?

Blindfold chooses a random destination that matches your current mood, and keeps it secret until you get there.

It’s like a surprise birthday outing! (Without the discounts.)


Why do you access to location and notifications?

Blindfold uses your location to find nearby places and reveal your surprise destination when you’ve arrived. It never uses your location without you starting it.

It uses notifications to alert you when you’ve arrived at your surprise destination and make a big hubbub about it.


Why does this thing exist?

Blindfold aims to restore a little spontaneity and surprise to your outings. It can also help you break out of your filter bubble and social circles, helping you explore parts of your city you might otherwise never bother to see.

We can assume no liability for actions taken while using Blindfold.

Please be safe, y'all.


Didn't your name used to be Destiny?

Yep, we changed it to Blindfold since it better reflects what the app does.


How do I reach you jokers?

We're @BlindfoldNav on Twitter. Share your Blindfold experiences with us!