Robert Boler
service + software designer

Proactive Car Rental Support


Super-(em)powering human car rental support

Connecting data to draft the near-future of automotive support experiences

  • Client major car rental company

  • Roles service designer, product designer

  • Duration 4 weeks

  • Traits #transportation #product design #service design #IoT

Note: Details of this case study removed for client privacy. Contact me for more on this and other projects.

In need of a long-term vision

In the process of a multi-platform digital overhaul for our client, they realized the need for both urgent short-term support fixes and a comprehensive future vision of rental assistance.

FutureOfSupport_RB_v4 EDITS FOR PORT 14.001.jpeg

Conducting cross-industry research

Conducted a heuristic evaluation of their current support methods and researched actual users’ experiences. Identified current and emerging technologies that could address the most common or extreme support needs. Compared best-in-class support services—not just inside the client’s industry, but every industry. Differentiated easy fixes from ambitious new services.

The challenge of breaking bad news

Our client wasn’t aware of their own support system’s complexities and dead-ends. In order to show them better ways of doing things, I first had to reveal to them (concisely and constructively) the flaws in their existing system and map my solutions to that. Without, some of my recommendations would have appeared weak or obvious.

FutureOfSupport_RB_v4 EDITS FOR PORT.001.jpeg
FutureOfSupport_RB_v4 EDITS FOR PORT 23.001.jpeg

Human storytelling paints a picture

Presented both a collection of easy short-term fixes around written support copy, their sitemap, and offline mobile app contact options; as well as four-tiered future-state ideation of integrated, compassionate, adaptive customer support features, to warm client reception (with limited critique— a rarity for this client).


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